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Introducing Multimobility

 International Innovations designed and filed patents for a family of electric vehicles encompassing a range of activities and new functionality. Voltd LLC was formed to develop this unique opportunity and weds massive, rapidly growing industries with an approach and options that are unique. Top suppliers provide critical parts in their specialized areas. The first model is ready to begin tooling and production. Subsequent models will launch on an 18-24 month schedule.

Practical, affordable solutions, diverse applications.

1A pass drone
1B Site
1C flood
1D Water
1aa drone

 Accessories and custom build


Stabilizer Float Kits                  Amphibious Trailer

Bimini Tops                              Transformable Light System

Solar Charging Bimini               Imaging System

Extra Batteries                            Helmet


Hi-Performance wheel motors

Hi-Performance Prop motors

Terrain specific wheels

High-Capacity Batteries  


1250 w Drive motor Moped RegistrationNo Special License
Inclusive Drive Motor One unit simplicityMotor, Transmission, Differential
3HP equivalent prop motor Powered Kayak ratingNo Special license or registration
Swiveling prop motor with shroud Turn ControlIncreased Thrust
Removable batteries Easy to changeCarry Extra aboard
4" tires Multi surfaceRoad, gravel, dirt, snow, sand
Modular design Fast scale up for manufacturingEasy to service-replace parts instead of repairing
Roto modled hull RuggedLow cost
Combined cat/ kayak hull Cat is stable, cuts waterKayak hull adds buoyancy and stability
Lighting system Road and waterConverts to handheld, headlamp or work light
Accessories Amphibious TrailerBimini Top
Waterproof Imaging System HD VideoPOV, hitch cam, reverse cam, camp monitor
Adjustable Handlebar Swivels up and downMaximum comfort
Seatback Storage WaterproofAccess Hatch for motor
Multiple Footrests Select for comfortMatch to height
Fully waterproof Inside and out

Safety and Security

Fishing Rod Holders Mount polesOne per Side
Cup Holders Drink storageStandard can/bottle
Turn Signals Left, RightSwitch next to Handgrip
Navigation Lights Red/Green filterStern light
Horn/Mirrors Safety Featurevisibility aid
Unsinkable  Foam filledWatertight hull

Dare to Go there

Voltd Fish
Voltd Mtn

 Recreation     Urban Transport     Off Road Exploring     Flood Support     First Responders     Ranching/Farming     Commercial/Industrial

 New models will include 2 and 4 passenger, truck bed, 4 wheel drive, rough water capability, highway speeds and other new capabilities-Stay Tuned!!

truck top red seat
Truck red bimini
1a flght
Truck top red bed
Truck red bimini

A new standard in Transportation

 Go where you like. Street, Off road, Water.