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Hot Food and Drink-On the Go!!!

No messy, shared microwave or disposable plastic waste. Hot Bento and Hot Kup allow full control of food/drink safety, security and ingredients. Enjoy what humans have evolved to appreciate: HOT FOOD and DRINK.


Enjoy a hot, healthy meal - Anywhere!

Hot Bento - personal meal caddy.

EASY AS 1-2-3

  1. Fill Hot Bento with food
  2. Keep cool until ready to eat.
  3. Press the button and, voila - hot meal in 10-15 minutes - anywhere - No Power cord or Plugin required.
  4. Learn more at www.hotbento.us


  1. Set your preferred drink temperature for a perfect cup-everytime
  2. Boil or Brew RIGHT IN THE CUP
  3. Low temperature control for baby or hot milk
  4. Set temperature on device or via app
  5. Active LED temperature display
  6. Nothing comparable to this functionality
  7. Learn more at www.hotkup.us



Dare to take it anywhere

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Hot Products Engineering

Many years of R&D were invested in developing patented thermo electric heating systems. Creating heat from a battery is difficult-evidenced by how limited competitive products are. Food safe, BPA Free, allowed on airplanes, watertight seals and rugged ergonomic designs and unprecedented functionality set these product above and beyond the pack.



Operating Temperature: up to 210° F                                                  Power Supply: Airplane Safe, 14.8v, 2200 mAh, 32.56 W                         Heating Time: 10-15 minutes, depending on contents                     Battery: Rechargeable Lithium ion                                                            AC Adapter: 100-240v                                                                              Food Safe, Stainless Steel Meal tray                                                            Dimensions: 9.5" x 6.25" x 2.5"                                                              Weight: 2.4 lbs                                                                                                  Protection: 6 layer PCBA, individual cell circuitry, Water resistant, Fire retardant



Retail $109.99 $149.99 Save Money
Capacity 14oz 14oz
Weight 0.82lb 1.01lb Lighter weight
Temperature control 32-212°F 120-145°F Ice to Boil-Total Temperature control
Active Heating YES Maintenance Can actively heat-all the way to boil
LED Display YES See temeprature and other settings live with OnSceen display
On Cup Adjustment YES Adjustment buttons on Kup, not only via app
Baby Bottle Warmer YES Can use for low temperature warming of Baby Bottles
Vacuum Insulation YES Better for maintaining temperature and preventing Kup getting hot at high temperatures
Cover included YES Doubles heat maintenance time, prevents spills
Water Purification YES Use to purify water
Non stick milk coating YES Make Hot Chocolate with real milk
Stability Handle YES Large, strong and comfortable handle for easy gripping
Heat Cycling 2-4° Save battery power and extend component lifetime
Exact Temperature Reading YES See exactly what temperature is, not approximation
10° heat increase 2 minutes 11 minutes Much faster heating
Accessory attachment YES Attach a range of accessories directly to Kup
BATTERY The battery is a unique element of the Hot Kup System. External, high-power, high capacity design allows full operation of all Kup functions, including boiling water. It can be used as a portable base, in similar manner to AC base, or attached to Kup for carrying. Other devices have small built-in batteries which indicate low heat capacity. Battery would not be safe in same compartment with high heat capability and small built in battery will have limited run time. The power and flexibility of Hot Kup’s battery are proprietary and unique.
High Capacity battery YES
Battery Life 8 hours 80 minutes
Battery Level Indicator YES
Active Heating with battery YES
Individual Device ID YES If more than one device in same room, prevent signals from crossing
Auto Connect YES Restarts automatically
Correct Information YES Has only Hot Kup information to prevent device confusion
Raised Electrical Contacts YES Contacts are raised to prevent short circuit if liquid spills on Base
Non Slip Base YES Rubber feet for secure usage
No Spill Cover YES Prevent burns from hot liquid spillage
Stability Handle YES Easy and comfortable to grip
Blender-crush ice YES* Most portable blenders cannot crush ice
Coffee Press YES* Attach no spill, collapsible coffee press directly to Kup for no leak/spill operation
Purification System YES* System fully purifies water-not just a filter
Shake, Cocktail Mixes YES* Healthy meal alternatives and relaxing cocktails
12V Adapter/cup holder YES YES Car, RV, Boat use

* coming soon


Cooler Bag

Rugged polyester shell designed to fit Hot Bento and ice packs. Compact size allows stowage inside backpack while handstraps provide convenient carry option. Inner lining is aluminum foil with 3mm thermal cotton. 12" x 8" x  5"