The Pandemic has changed lives, making disinfecting part of the New Normal. Traditional disinfectants are expensive, hazardous, ecologically unfriendly, require storage and must be shipped to diverse locations. THERE IS A BETTER WAY!!!



Almost too good to be true-Hypochlorous Acid (HOCI).

100% Natural
Many times more effective than bleach for eradication of virus, bacteria and other microorganisms
Safe enough to use on food
Child and pet safe                                                                                                                                                                                    Environmentally friendly
Almost FREE to produce
FDA/EPA/USDA approved

HOCI occurs naturally in all mammals. It is nature’s defense against infection, and it heals wounds. Manufactured HOCI has a short lifetime and reverts to saltwater which is why it is not sold via common distribution. Traditional disinfectant suppliers have large centralized factories that bottle ingredients, warehouse and ship finished goods. Anvira Systems moves the factory to the end user with a free primary ingredient-water. It is time to disrupt the entrenched supply chain.


Produce HOCI by electrolyzing salt and water.

Patent Pending, Modular Design of the electrolysis unit lowers production costs. Precise electronics, a proprietary algorithm and premeasured salt dosages ensure accurate production of HOCl by each device.

                                                                                    All designs Patent Pending.

Anvira Models

Easy as 1-2-3

1) Add salt from premeasured package
2) Press Start to automatically
     Fill water
     Initiate UVC purification
     Activate Electrolysis process
3) Fill sprayer

NOTE: Portable unit must be manually filled with water.

AnVira Systems automatically purify water with powerful UVC light. Scientifically prepared, pure salt is supplied in premeasured packages to ensure correct dosage. Aluminum spray bottles and light proof mixing chambers improve efficacy and increase lifetime. Use of impure ingredients, exposure to light or heat significantly degrade HOCL and hasten reversion to salt water. AnVira- the purest, most potent HOCL available.

UV graph


There are many HOCl generators hitting the market, some with serious safety issues involving PH and PPM. The average PH of USA tap water is 8.1. If this water is used without modification, the resultant mix will be only 20% HOCl and 80% bleach. Likewise, a lot of incorrect usage regards PPM, the strength of solution. Be careful-Test, Test, Test. Anvira Systems provides free test kits with each purchase for safety and performance monitoring.